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"Christopher Stribley is a diverse artist working with photography, painting, drawing and collage. Commonly found throughout his artworks are complete sincerity and highly personal subjects. Christopher generously allows us into his world of love and defeat, beauty and misconduct. His artworks are directly inspired by and connected to his own personal life and he creates with clarity and compassion and never without bite."

- Munch Gallery, June 2011

"Christopher Stribley is a graphic artist, photographer, and writer who moved to NYC in 2008 where he now lives and works. He was born in Perth, Western Australia in 1971 and brought to the US in 1980, while his father studied to be a minister. The family returned to Australia only to move back to the US permanently in 1990. Christopher was studying Art and English, though left dissatisfied after his third year in order to immerse himself fully into art, music, fashion, cupcakes, and bunnies, which are pretty much what make Christopher's world go 'round."

(From The Pandorian.)

"Christopher does photos of street art. He does it to the point that the street becomes HIS art, he has what one calls "an eye". He creates from what he sees and often what we don't see but should, poetry and magic when we'd sadly just hurry by it. He makes street art into (capital "S", capital "A") Street Art which turns immediately into just good ol' Art! The good stuff, the kind we want for a long time and not just like flairs, for a short while. You'll want to live with his stuff for eons, for decades, forever.

He has captured the essence of New York street art and made it into true fine art. Its like what Andy did for advertising art. He made it into real art that lasts. So, this is what Christopher is doing with ephemeral street art. He makes it solidify into something which lasts and which you can contemplate and linger on. Forever. Just look at the totally Mdvaniiism-esque pieces above. He has made us look at them in a way we would wish to look at them ideally. He's madly clever. He's very Mr. Knightley, indeed!"

(From BillyBoy*'s MDVANII blog.)